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Feminist Pedagogy for a Digital Age (“A Feminist MOOC?”)

Feminist scholarship has long been an important point from which to question power, discrimination, and techno-centrism in scholarship and teaching. This meet-up focuses on contemporary issues and challenges for feminist scholarship, and specifically on a Feminist Pedagogy for the Digital Age. To start the conversation, Dr. Leah Rosenberg (English) will discuss her graduate course in Caribbean Studies and Digital Humanities entitled “Panama Silver, Asian Gold : Migration, Money, and the Making of the Modern Caribbean.” This course was taught in concert with linked courses at Amherst College and the University of Miami for the benefit of shared learning, discussion, and Digital Humanities course project possibilities. This course models the DOCC (Distributed Online Collaborative Course) format, which is an improvement upon the current trend of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). DOCCs question inherent assumptions involved in networked infrastructures for learning, and engage learner-centered pedagogies to create collaborative knowledge creation and transformational practices of design and media making.

The description above accompanied the presentation by Leah Rosenberg from the Spring 2014 UF Digital Humanities Working Group (DHWG) series of Meet-Ups on “Online Courses and Re/Sources.” For more, see the presentation slides.

“Panama Silver, Asian Gold : Migration, Money, and the Making of the Modern Caribbean” was originally taught in fall 2013 and will be taught again in spring 2016.