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Spring 2016: DH Certificate Courses

In Spring 2016, the following courses, which count toward the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate, are being offered:

  1. Digital Breadth Courses
  • AMH 6557/LAW6930: Seminar in Constitutional or Legal History: Special Topics, Applied Legal History; Thursday 8-10 period
  • CAP 5100: Human-Computer Interaction; Monday and Wednesday, Friday 5 period
  • LIN 6932: Special Topics: Methods in Language Documentation; Monday and Wednesday, Friday 7
  1. Digital Depth Courses
  • ART 5674C Digital Fabrication; Tuesday and Thursday 8-10 periods
  • ART 6675C Digital Art and Animation; Tuesday and Thursday 5-7 periods
  • ART 6849C Reactive Environments; Tuesday and Thursday 2-4 periods
  • DIG 6931C Digital Tools for the Arts and Humanities, Monday and Wednesday 5-6 periods
  • EDF 6402: Quantitative Foundations in Educational Research: Inferential Statistics; Thursday 7-9 periods
  • EDF 6403: Qualitative Foundations in Education Research; Monday and Wednesday 9-11 periods
  • GIS 5107C: Geographic Information Systems in Research; Tuesday 5-6 periods and Wednesday 6-7 periods
  • IDC 6505C Programming for Artists; Monday, Wednesday 11-E2 periods
  • LIT 6236, Panama Silver, Asian Gold: Reimagining Diasporas, Archives, and the Humanities, Tuesday 6-8 periods
  1. Digital Humanities Studio

Graduate students who are interested in these courses should contact the relevant departments and faculty members about enrolling. Students who are interested in the Digital Humanities Certificate should begin by exploring our website