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DH Projects

Graduate Certificate and DH Graduate Studio Course, new in 2015-2016

UF DH Bootcamp, coming 2015-2016

THATCamp Gainesville, 2014 and THATCamp-Gainesville 2015

Online Exhibits from scholars and the UF Libraries

Samuel Proctor Oral History Program (SPOHP) Digital Archive, Podcasts, and More

TRACE Initiative

Digital Worlds Institute

Center for Children’s Literature and Culture, Project example: Recess!

Digital Assembly, Project examples: Digital Platforms & the Future of Books Symposium (2012) and Futures of Digital Studies Conference (2010)

Wish You Were Here (WYWH) UF, UCF, and Florida State Parks

Grant Proposal Digital Collection: includes proposals that have been awarded and pending notice of award, with more added regularly. The always-growing collection of grant proposals provides information for  new proposed and in-development projects.

MassMine: Your Access to Big Data

Digital Epigraphy & Archaeology Project

Open House virtualized space and resistance with a distressed home (Jack Stenner and Patrick LeMieux)

Diaries of a Prolific Professor

Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)

Haiti: an Island Luminous

Caribbean Studies Teaching Resources in the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)

Vodou Archive

Afterlife of Alice with the new Alice in Dataland project

Unearthing St. Augustine: Scholar Curated Collection, Interface, and Tools

Spanish Colonial St. Augustine:Digital Project of Primary and Teaching Resources

Archiving the Photographs of the First Transcontinental Railroad with crowdsourcing transcontinental railroad photos (Glenn Willumson in Fine Arts, and Richard Freeman, Libraries, 2013-14)

ARL PD Bank Database

ImageTexT (journal, with exhibits and more)

DH-dLOC Advanced Training Institute at UF

SobekCM Digital Repository: Curation, and DH Tools

Cuban & Mexican Film Collection (with exhibit)

Cataloging of Online Classical Latin Texts from the Packard Humanities Institute

Public News Network, visualization exploration with art and programming and see many other DH projects by Jack Stenner (mix of single author and collaborative)

Preserving History: Collection of Student Work from Hands-on Course in the Archives

Student Internship Project: Baldwin Library, Interactive Flash Media

Parker Elephant Data Sheets & Experimenting with REDCap for Crowdsourced Transcriptions (Dan Reboussin and Hannah Norton)

Motet Online Database: Catalogue / database of the Renaissance motet enabling comprehensive inquiry into the central genre of the 16th century, and supporting new research methodologies. (Jennifer Thomas, Musicology)

Digitally documenting pottery by people of the southeast US to create a database that can be continued. (Neill Wallis, Florida Museum of Natural History)

African Languages: audio-visual recording and transcription of language and culture of the Tutrugbu people in Ghana, West Africa, creating lexical and textual database using TOOLBOX, archiving in ELAN format. (James Essegbey)

Points: Blog of the Alcohol & Drugs History Society

Murphys Well Being, interactive digital art installation in city exhibition on Koppers Superfund site (Florida Research Ensemble, Greg Ulmer and Jack Stenner) a collaborative genealogy of spirituality for collaborative projects and new approaches with technology

African Studies Quarterly (ASQ)

Open Journal Systems (OJS), supported by the Libraries

Radical Women in Gainesville (Leila Adams, undergraduate research, Center for Women’s Studies & Gender Research)

DH Research, collaborating on a new Baldwin Library DH grant, research blog, and more (Dhanashree Thorat)

Virtual Hindu Temple (Whitney Sanford)

Bone Photo Collection (Lourdes Santamaria-Wheeler, MA Thesis)